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It seems that the Israeli prime minister speaks to Arab leaders as often as once a week.That’s about as often as most adults speak to their parents—and probably more often than their own young adult children speak to them.He was talking about talking to them about multiple topics, not only about efforts to creating a solution with the Palestinians.Conversations like those signal a new approach to problem solving and portend well for successful conclusions to conflicts and crises.Certainly, all the parties involved still need either the United States or Russia, or even both of them, but they have also made the decision to try and work out issues on a regional basis.

The exchange and dialogue between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel is impressive.

Knowing that there are ongoing discussions between Israel and the leaders of Arab and Muslim states in the region is a very big deal. According to Israeli intelligence sources, Netanyahu was referring to the Saudi crown prince, who doubles as the defense minister of Saudi Arabia.

He was referencing the leader of the United Arab Emirates, the President of Egypt and the King of Jordan.

For decades—and this has always been an open secret—Israel has held military discussions with countries in the region.

That give-and-take began because Israel was securing good intelligence data and military exchanges with non-Arab states, such as Turkey and Iran during the reign of the Shah.

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