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The best test is usually the first time you get intimate together.

You’ll soon know if all those things – his smell, his naked body, his touch, his kissing – turns you on and make you want more.

But can we make ourselves more attractive to a specific person? Can we create chemistry between anyone if we just get the right formula?

In my years of coaching, I’ve heard from many women who tell me some story like the following: “I have this guy I’m seeing.

Some absolute essentials to this are as follows: ANTICIPATION ATTENTION EXCITEMENT Let’s go through all three of these elements and spell out exactly what they mean… Just the act of talking about together with your guy about the sexual things you’d like to do together is an amazing way to keep the chemistry even when you’re apart.

Crazy sex might happen naturally at first, but it’s necessary to find ways to keep yourself excited about your partner. For example, send him a text that says something like, “Just had a naughty flashback from the other night.

Have fun and enjoy expressing your physical desires!

The future of our relationships may just depend on it.

Now, although you can’t make yourself wild with desire for a guy if you don’t find him sexy, once you’re already with a guy who turns you on physically, there are ways to ignite that fire even more so that it doesn’t fade after the first 6-9 months.

He’s such a thoughtful, loving man, and we get on so well. Unless this guy transforms over night and brings out some serious masculine charisma that never existed before, or suddenly alters his entire personality and DNA, chances are the base level of sexual chemistry isn’t going to change.

He’s educated and always looks out for me – he even loves spending time with my kids. So lesson #1 here is going to be a simple (potentially painful) truth: You have to choose a guy you already feel a base level sexual attraction for.

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