Brooke shields on dating michael jackson

On top of that her own career was going nowhere since the time she had been associated with him.

So she decided to focus more on her career than friendships.

Brooke didn’t want to marry, but told him that she’d always be there for him. She wanted him to go with her to the Grammys (when Michael was super famous with Thriller), in this order her popularity would grow... As Ola Ray said that during the making of thriller MJ always used to talk about were very close before thriller came out and i can never believe the fact that ''she wanted to go in grammy's 1984 with MJ because she wanted to use MJ's fame'' because this thing came out with Latoya's biography and how much Latoya ruined MJ's image in 1993 after the accusations giving a bullsh*t statment about MJ in media.(yep, I was that kid), Brooke Shields was a stunning teenager who was busy climbing out of limos and cavorting into celebrity parties on his arm.They were both bright-eyed, white-toothed, glitter-donning adolescent superstars; a match made in Hollywood—but in an exclusive interview for reports Brooke as saying in the interview, which is available this Friday, that she and Michael were simply very good friends and nothing more.Then it came MJ's marriage with Lisa, with Debbie, the children... Now the thing about Brooke is she too was that innocent like MJ the time she met him which is understandable since she had a sheltered childhood.She hadn't seen Michael for years before his death. I remember how at MJ's memorial service she brought back memories of them from the beginning of the 90's.. It says much about how close they've been after that period.. But as she grew up she developed the steel that is required to get ahead in life.

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