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More Anglo-Saxon pence of this period have been found in Denmark than in England.Denmark was largely consolidated by the late 8th century and its rulers are consistently referred to in Frankish sources as kings (reges).Under the reign of Gudfred in 804 the Danish kingdom may have included all the lands of Jutland, Scania and the Danish islands, excluding Bornholm.

They conquered and settled parts of England (known as the Danelaw) under King Sweyn Forkbeard in 1013, and France where Danes and Norwegians founded Normandy with Rollo as head of state.An industrialised exporter of agricultural produce in the second half of the 19th century, Denmark introduced social and labour-market reforms in the early 20th century that created the basis for the present welfare state model with a highly developed mixed economy.The Constitution of Denmark was signed on 5 June 1849, ending the absolute monarchy, which had begun in 1660.The Jutes migrated to Great Britain eventually, some as mercenaries by Brythonic King Vortigern, and were granted the south-eastern territories of Kent, the Isle of Wight and other areas, where they settled.They were later absorbed or ethnically cleansed by the invading Angles and Saxons, who formed the Anglo-Saxons.

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