Copy of craigslist for dating

Source: App Sumo Maybe your friends notice something that you missed about yourself.

Maybe they have a great idea but don’t have the time or know-how to pursue it. WARNING: Most of your friends & family member’s ideas will be terrible, but they’ll probably say something that resonates with you and sparks a really good idea.

3 weeks later I contacted Noah and expressed interest in becoming CEO of Sumo Jerky. What problems or annoyances do you experience every day? Is there an app that I can build that can help fill the silence?

Maybe a combo of trivia interview style questions (favorite movies, craziest party stories, favorite travel places etc).

Problem #2 – Often I want to search for something simultaneously in my i Phone texts and Group Me texts.

Here are some of my favorite places to go looking for ideas: /r/Somebody Make This – Cool business ideas shared by Redditors who don’t have the time or skills necessary to pursue the ideas themselves.

/r/Shut Up And Build This – Redditors clamor for cool products that they want built today.

Search for copy of craigslist for dating:

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Can I build an app that lets me search these apps at the same time?

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