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Above the bar is something else but I cannot make it out.All of the other stampings are realy clear....part is faint. Bob Bob, From the information given, I believe you have an arsenal rework. From the information I have your serial number makes it a Colt frame produced in 1919.The Army currently has around 100,000 surplus Colt 1911A1s, the iconic sidearm used throughout both world wars, as well as the fighting in Korea and Vietnam.But by the 1980s, the 1911 had officially been replaced, shunted aside for the sleeker Beretta M9.It had beautiful pink nail polish on the sights David: Thanks again for your feedback. On the left side of the trigger guard in the bottom right by the clip release there is the number 37.

My uncle passed away and left me his Remington UMC 45. It is in excellent condition and may have been issued after he was freed from a German POW camp.

I am interested in knowing the location of the Rampant Colt on the left side and serial numbers of 1911's that have this slide. Once I was able to upload my images, I posted several photos... All the best, Rob The double marked slides were not replacement slides, but were commercial slides diverted to the military contract in mid 1918.

Hi BGold, Try looking at the following link to an older thread in this forum. It has a commercial and military marked slide on it.

Can anyone provide me any information about its history (when it was made, how many were manufactured, etc). I will be getting the original Billl of Sale this fall. Bob Well then I'm confused, that's not a Remington serial nor even a A1, which I would expect for a WWII gun.

That serial is for a Colt 1911 from 1919 with a Remington Slide? Is the back of the frame grip flat like the grips or rounded a bit?

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