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One difference between the controls is that the prompt area of the Combo Box control is implemented by using the Text Input control, instead of the Label control for the Drop Down List control.Therefore, a user can edit the prompt area of the control to enter a value that is not one of the predefined options.The Combo Box control also searches the item list as the user enters characters into the prompt area.As the user enters characters, the drop-down area of the control opens.Validates the measured size of the component If the Layout Manager.invalidate Size() method is called with this ILayout Manager Client, then the validate Size() method is called when it's time to do measurements.Dispatched when the drop-down list closes for any reason, such when the user: Selects an item in the drop-down list. Clicks the anchor button while the drop-down list is displayed.

Like the Drop Down List Base control, when the user selects an item from the drop-down list in the Combo Box control, the data item appears in the prompt area of the control.

By default, if an input string of length n is equivalent to the first n characters of an item (ignoring case), then it is a match to that item.

For example, 'a Riz' is a match to "Arizona" while 'riz' is not.

Actually, Combo Box does have a selected Value property, but that is used to read the value of the selected item, and can't be used to set the value of the item to be selected.

Coincidentally, while I was working on this, both Scott Stroz and Ray Camden posted solutions to the exact same problem.

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For information about creating an item renderer, see Custom Spark item renderers.

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