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In Summary: It will be suggested that, rather than focusing on particular institutions and individuals who have been unable to manage the problem of child abuse, the most important question should be why sexual abuse of children has now emerged as a very widespread problem in the first place.

Brisbane's Anglican Archbishop commissioned an inquiry but unfortunately its terms of reference were too narrow to seriously address the problem of child sex abuse or to take account of the effect of general dysfunctions in the Anglican Church.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2010 data on child protection indicated that 5,591 substantiated child abuse notifications involved children of 17 years or less - a figure that will be low because much child sexual abuse is unreported.

The prevalence of sexual abuse is hard to determine and estimates vary widely.

US study found children were 20 times more likely to be abused when living with single parent - as compared with two-parent biological families. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse can make only limited contribution to dealing with this problem as the under-publicised links between family structure and child sexual abuse are not being investigated [1] A study of child sexual abuse in Europe indicated that: (a) most cases are not recognised by official agencies; (b) it is difficult to identify overall prevelance issues - due to different definitions (of age, nature of behaviour, and consent); (c) it may be that rates of abuse are declining; (d) the most common form of abuse involves relatives / acquaintances - but trafficking for sexual exploitation, pornography, and abuse by authority figures may also be involved; (d) studies in 19 countries found incidence ranging from 7-36% for females and 3-39% for males; (e) WHO estimated that 150m girls and 73m boys were subjected to sexual abuse in 2002; (f) those approaching puberty were at greatest risk; (g) an overview of other studies suggested that 7.9% of males and 19.7% of females had suffered sexual abuse by age 18; (h) a study of sexual abuse in Baltic states suggested that abuse involved: indecent exposure (14% of males, 22% of females); indecent touch (16% of males, 37% of females); and rape (12% of males and 10% of females)'; (i) sexual abuse amounted to 34% of cases reported to child protection agencies; (j) the US National incidence Study of Child abuse sought to provide a means for reliable measurement of child sexual abuse - but this has no equivalent in Europe; and (k) the most reliable studies have not been state funded.

[1] Victoria's system of residential care for state wards has failed and needs drastic overhaul.

And the problem appears to be widespread, serious, poorly understood and perhaps ultimately to reflect a lack of individual morality.

Young girls were being abused on an 'industrial' scale.ABS (2005) showed that 12% of women and 4.5% of men reported being sexually abused before 15 years of age.In total it estimated that about 1.3m Australians (about 350,000 males and 950,000 females) had experienced abuse.Overview There has been controversy (as illustrated by some sample articles) over several child abuse cases in institutions established in Queensland by the Anglican church and the way in which these were managed by the Brisbane Diocese Office at the time when Peter Hollingworth, who subsequently became Australia's Governor General, was Archbishop of Brisbane.Some speculations about this matter are presented below.

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