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The revenue in question is declared to be made up of the pew rents, the collections during Divine service and the funeral stipends.Finally the diocesan arrangement for the cathedraticum has been declared by Propaganda (as in 1872) to be a binding law on those whom it concerns.est une communauté sérieuse pour les 50 ans et plus en Belgique.Venez y trouver votre partenaire ou de nouvelles amitiés pour partager vos loisirs ensemble.

In one prominent diocese, for example, the rector of each church must pay one-fifth of his revenue if it exceed one thousand dollars, or one-third if it be less.

The earliest legislation on the subject seems to be a canon of the Second Council of Braga (572). The reason given for this limitation is that at the time of the Council of Braga the sacraments were administered to the faithful in parochial churches only. Ordin.) that not only chapters and parish churches, but also endowed chapels and benefices should be subject to the same tax (Rota coram Tan. This sum was to be paid to the bishop on the occasion of his annual visitation of his diocese.

According to the decree of this council, only parish churches and chapters were obliged to pay the cathedraticum (Can. When in the course of time, many other ecclesiastical edifices were built and endowed, it was judged proper that these also should pay the cathedraticum. The amount of the cathedraticum was fixed in ancient times at two solidi ; a solidus was one seventy-second part of a pound of gold. In general it is presumed that the quantity of the cathedraticum will be determined by reasonable custom according to the exigencies of various dioceses and countries. Congregation of the Council declared that either the amount paid by a neighbouring diocese or the equivalent of the original two solidi must be taken as the proper tax (In Albin., 1644). The reason is found in the very idea of the cathedraticum, which is given by a church or benefice in sign of subjection to the jurisdiction of the bishop.

It has also been declared that confraternities which have no churches in the strict sense of the word, but only chapels, are exempt from this episcopal tax ("In Firmana, Cathedr.").

As the cathedraticum pertains to episcopal rights, it is privileged and consequently no prescription can totally abrogate it. Congregation of the Council (In Amalph., 1707), when it decrees that no contrary custom, even of immemorial antiquity, can exempt from the payment of this tax.

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According to canonists, this remains the obligatory amount of the tax, unless custom establishes a different sum. The regular clergy are not obliged to pay the cathedraticum for their monasteries and conventual churches, as is expressly stated in the "Corpus Juris" (cap. As exempt regulars are immediately subject to the Holy See, there is no obligation on them to pay the cathedraticum.

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