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Gonzales’ first story, like Martens, painted him as the victim of an attack, according to the documents.Hours later, however, he claimed he witnessed the crime and blamed Kelley for killing and sexually assaulting Victoria.“Jessica comes into our bedroom and asks me if I believe in God,” she told police, according to the interview transcript.“She kept hitting me, hitting me, hitting me, punching.” Martens said she had no idea that Victoria was hurt and while she was running to get help, Kelley shouted, “Your daughter’s dead.” But Martens then changed her story, the documents show, claiming she and Gonzales left Victoria at home with Kelley, a convicted rapist who had been staying with them for a week, on Aug. She told police that when she came home, she found Victoria dead after she had taken meth left on a table in the living room.“The allegations against my client are based on what [Martens] said, so the DNA evidence is going to be key.“If there is no biological evidence that connects [Gonzales] to the crime, the state’s going to have a real hard time.” Meanwhile, Albuquerque mourns.

Martens’ attorney, Gary Mitchell, tells PEOPLE the public shouldn’t be quick to judge.

(According to previous reports Martens allegedly told authorities she sought men out for just this purpose.) On the day of her daughter’s death, Martens told police, she saw Gonzales and Kelley give meth to Victoria so they could rape her, saying, “It calms her down.” Martens admitted to watching the pair rape Victoria as she begged for them to stop.

She told police she saw Kelley stab the girl, at which point Kelley and Gonzales began cutting Victoria’s arms, according to the documents.

Martens said she believed Gonzales had been sexually assaulting Victoria for a month before her death, while she was at work.

“I let them do it,” Martens said, before she admitted to enjoying watching men have sex with her daughter.

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Newly released police documents, obtained by PEOPLE, detail a New Mexico mother’s role in her 10-year-old daughter’s heinous rape and dismemberment: What she initially told detectives had happened, how her story changed and how she eventually confessed to being a witness.

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