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Respondents had been married for an average of 10 years, had been dating their spouses for an average of 2 years prior to marriage, and more than half of the respondents had no prior military history of their own.

Results of this study showed that respondents generally had medium to high levels of both marital satisfaction and interpersonal dependency, high levels of life satisfaction, and low levels depressive symptoms including feeling down, depressed or hopeless.

Anderson studies how couples develop and maintain strong marriages, and conversely, the factors that contribute to relationship problems.

By understanding factors associated with distress, he said interventions could be developed to target at-risk marriages."I think it's just as important, or more important, to learn factors of non-distressed marriages because that gives us a picture into what we can actually do to replicate that for other families," Anderson said.

The purpose of this article is to present the current demographics and both marital and quality of life ratings of a small group of males who are married to current Active Duty service members.

Males married to service members make up only 5% of the military spouse population, but numbering close to 100,000, the group is large enough to have specific and significant needs.

This data is likely not representative of the larger male spouse population, as respondents had high levels of education and income, which could lead to fewer stressors.

Although this data did not indicate a high level of distress among male military spouses, military family organizations should offer programs specifically aimed at including male spouses in order to increase family cohesion and reduce marital conflict which could result in improved mission readiness.

After analyzing the data, the researchers found that the majority of the participants fell in the non-distressed range of their marital satisfaction.

Their findings showed that the vast majority of people in the sample were non-distressed in their relationship.

The researchers include Anderson; Matthew Johnson, graduate student in marriage and family therapy, Manhattan; and Laura Cline, senior in family studies and human services, Overland Park.

We are currently in different states and he has been paying the Tri-care benefit premiums.

He will be 65 soon and has enrolled in Tri-care for life for himself.

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