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Our dating site system is built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

The program is built by programmers and designers who understand the online selling process from start to finish.

• 80% of men paid for the first date, while 20% split the check. • We tend to view our own traits favorably, so we also look positively on those same traits in others.

This applies to both personality traits and physical characteristics.

• Online daters tend to select partners who have completed the same level of formal education.

• Older educated online daters care less about how educated their matches are.

• Among singles reluctant to try online dating, 21% of women and 9% of men said it was because they knew someone who had a bad experience.

• Of those who have yet to try online dating are reluctant because 50% describing themselves as private people, 48% worried about their information security, and 46% worried about scams.

• 25% felt dating apps allowed them to feel more comfortable and to be themselves in dating scenarios.

• The use of online dating services (sites and apps) among young adults (ages 18-24) nearly tripled from 2013 to 2016 (from 10% to 27%).

• Real life events seem to be the latest trend with dating services.

S of that 230,093,705 are over 18 and of that number 105 million are unmarried. • 84% of its singles say they use tools like Yelp to review potential date venues.

• A Consumer Reports study found online dating stressful and time-consuming to users but it does produce the intended result if you continue to use it.

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China • China revises cybersecurity law which now requires dating services to have users to sign up with their phone numbers, which are linked to citizen's national ID numbers.

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