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"The governors feel that they are left with no alternative but to address the historic nature of the situation which dates back to 2008.

"The governing body strongly continues to refute that it was the college driving the extension to the age range to include a sixth form.

Christ the King College is the only Island secondary school that was housed in inappropriate middle school buildings with some limited temporary accommodation and received no start-up funding which all other Island secondary schools did receive.

The public will be aware of the financial support other schools received, including one secondary school which had an over £2.1 million deficit written off during that period and the gifting of Nodehill Middle School site to another secondary school for their sixth form accommodation with £1.4 million funded by the local authority to refurbish this facility.

However, the governing body remains adamant that the responsibility to address the situation does not, and should not, remain solely with the college.

"The college requested financial support to purchase the £4 million building but, in the absence of such support, was left with no alternative but to enter the more expensive £10 million hire agreement to provide the necessary and appropriate accommodation for our students.

On the contrary, the college has worked relentlessly to manage its budget and maintain the hire payments to this date whilst continuing to provide a strong education for its students.We have consistently sought to resolve the challenging situation collaboratively with the dioceses and the local authority and, indeed, had requested a joint statement be issued.We were disappointed at the local authority's refusal to do so and sincerely regret that this ongoing challenge has become a public dispute.We've been seeing each other ever since, and I'd be crazy not to give her my full attention.Thank you for playing your part in bringing us together.

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