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Nota: la numerazione inizia da C (Gennaio) ad N (Dicembre).This page is a collection of user submitted information on radio programming cables.Saving -15 on a cable might cost you a good bit of time and frustration trying to get it all to work.Cables that use only a 9-pin serial connection take a lot of guesswork out of the equation.The low cost cables use counterfeit Prolific USB chips.If you use Microsoft Windows, finding the right driver and keeping it working can be quite a chore.

However these radios are becoming more and more rare.

Note: as this is user-submitted content, the recommendations and opinions here are not necessarily shared by Dan and other primary CHi RP contributors.

In some cases, the manufacturer of your radio produces the highest quality cable for programming.

However, these are usually the most expensive and are not always the most convenient (because of a lack of USB, etc).

The exception to this are the very low cost USB cables that come with many Chinese radios that use a counterfeit Prolific USB to serial chip that has a number of driver problems with recent versions of Microsoft Windows. Third party cables are available for most radios with a range of costs and quality.

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Most modern radios have a low voltage port connected directly to the radio's microcontroller for cloning and memory programming.

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