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So it’s not eveni a matta ofu the best man wins awe!Eh, we must start to do something to protect this kind of nonsense from happening otherwise we’ll end up with bana mayo aba mu village iwe and why must we settle for that?!

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter as some folks believe Zambian women don’t really mind where the man is from as they are born home-makers.By Lady C I actually pondered on this pressing agenda quietly with my head buried inside a recycled Metro paper, as I sat conspicuously behind two Zambian gentlemen on the tube who deliberated on this ‘serious matter’.At first, I thought they can’t possibly be Zambian until I heard them say, “…buti iwe naiwe, these chaps they’re taking away awa women!Countless Nigerian men have commented on this trait and rarely find it in Nigerian women but most certainly do so in Zambian women and treasure it; like a semi-precious stone she must shine, not to be mistreated or misplaced.Knowing that the woman is the rock of the family, she helps to shape and make the man who he is.

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